19 February 2008

Provgov inspectors keep 4 bridges closed; information in gov release incomplete

While the T'Railway website identifies 132 old bridges and trestles as comprising the linear park, a news release from the provincial environment and conservation department late Tuesday refers to only 125.

Of the 82 inspections reported as completed by provincial government engineers, 78 have been re-opened while four remain closed.

It is unclear from the provincial government news release if these four are part of the 18 that Transport Canada identified as being of concern or if they are new.  The release refers to 14 structures identified by Transport Canada but the total numbers mentioned in individual sections of the release and attributed to Transport Canada add up to 17.

At this time, bridges/trestles at Howley River, Mary Anne Brook, Robaires Brook (identified by Transport Canada) and Black Duck Brook remain closed.  Black Duck Brook was apparently not identified by Transport Canada.  Three of the bridges identified by Transport Canada have been cleared by the provincial inspections.

According to the news release 43 inspections have not been completed and those bridges/trestles remain closed.