03 December 2009

Cutting to the heart of the matter

If Shawn wants to shut Darrell and Danny up pretty fast, here’s a draft reply designed to do just that. 

It’s called the “Money talks.  Bullshit walks” letter.

Dear Danny:

Thanks for your letter of December 2, 2009 which you allowed Darrell to sign as well.

It is with great pleasure that I learn of your plans to build an electricity transmission line across New Brunswick, subject to environmental and other provincial laws.  As you are aware, the line will be subject to the same open access transmission rules that apply to every other transmission provider.

This is a welcome show of confidence in the economic future of New Brunswick.  All four Atlantic provinces can succeed but only when political leaders display the maturity it takes to refrain from histrionics and fear-mongering.

I look forward to seeing your application to the various regulatory authorities, the deeds of sale for the land and the firm contracts in place to begin construction by February 2009, 2010 which is the date included in your letter. I take it from your letter that you both already have the cash and the markets for the power and that the Lower Churchill will start construction very soon afterward.

Thanks again for letting me know of your plans for bringing new economic activity to New Brunswick. I look forward to seeing your deposit cheques clear the banks before February.

Sincerely (but not holding my breath)


Some of it might have to be edited a bit, but you get the point.