13 December 2009

Energy audio and video roundup

1.  From CBC New Brunswick, a panel discussion involving the leader of the New Brunswick Conservative, Green and New Democratic parties and energy minister Greg Byrne.

2. From CBC Newfoundland and Labrador on 01 Dec 09, an interview with former premier Roger Grimes on the latest developments in the Churchill Falls saga.

3.  CBC Radio Crosstalk with guest Jim Feehan discussing Churchill Falls.

4.  Premier Danny Williams scrums with reporters after a speech in Calgary. At no point does Williams point out for the Alberta reporters that he spent five years trying to get Hydro-Quebec to take an equity stake in the Lower Churchill without any discussion of redress for the 1969 contract but couldn’t get them interested.  That was at the same time that he insisted that he wouldn’t cut a deal with HQ without redress.