06 December 2009

A new look and some changes

Welcome to the new look for Bond Papers.

There’s less than a month to go before the fifth anniversary so what better time to spruce things up with a fresh look.

Right smack in the centre is the stuff you come for.  That hasn’t changed. Some of the posts may be a little out of whack – especially in the bigger images on older posts – but hopefully that won’t distract too badly.  Those will get fixed as time permits.

The side columns will take a while to re-populate.  Some of the widgets and gadgets will be back. Some new stuff may appear. The whole thing is a work in progress so bear up while the renovations are underway.

E-mail subscribers should still get their daily dose via feedburner. Otherwise, RSS is readily available.  You people who do google searches every day for Bond Papers should just save the time and click on the little orange symbol.  it’s so much easier.

If there’s something missing you’d like to see, just drop a line at bondpapers  at hotmail dot com and your humble e-scribbler will see what can be done to meet your request.