17 December 2009

Public execution delayed for Speaker’s Christmas Party

Under Standing Order 9 of the House of Assembly, it’s pretty simple:

9. If at 5:30 o’clock in the afternoon except on Wednesday, the business of the House is not concluded, the Speaker shall leave the Chair until 7 o’clock. At the hour of 5 o’clock on Wednesday afternoon the Speaker
adjourns the House without question put. (1951 SO 7 R&S 1999)

Deputy speaker Tom Osborne decided to toss the rulebook in the corner this afternoon during debate on a resolution to fire child and youth advocate Darlene Neville.

The business of the House was not concluded at 5:30 pm.

There was no prior motion to extend the sitting or vary the rules.

Osborne simply interrupted the speaker who had the floor and put the whole teaparty1show off until Monday.

The reason?

The Speaker’s Annual Christmas party – right, not exactly as illustrated -  was scheduled to start at 5:30.