15 December 2010

Connie Leadership 2011–Mid-December Night’s Ruminations

1.  Rick Hillier:  The number of people still pushing this is getting pretty funny.  Hillier already gave a pretty clear “no” in two different CBC interviews before Don Martin got him at CTV.  Aside from being somewhat coy and flirting a bit, Hillier didn’t give any sign that he is seriously considering it and – here’s the kicker – there’s no sign anyone is organizing on his behalf.

2.  Be careful what you wish for:   Rick Hillier is the potential political nuke capable of vapourising everything around him. If he really wanted to be premier of Newfoundland and Labrador, he’d actually be better off running for another party and starting with a completely clean slate.  If he did want to run, Hillier would be better off starting his own party so he could pick and chose his candidates and build a team entirely of his own choosing. 

Would he really want Danny Williams’ cast-offs?

3.  Saviour Syndrome:  Some people still have their heads firmly rooted in the idea of a saviour so it isn’t surprising that they are casting around for someone to take away their considerable anxiety.  Rick fits that bill and that’s the only bill he seems to fit.



More than a few provincial Conservatives are likely suffering a bit of extra flatulence this holiday season as they think of facing the future without their magic political bullet long gone.

4.  Fabian Manning:  The senator is reportedly making calls checking on his support among his former colleagues.  He still seems like a really long shot.

5.  Steve Kent:  The supremely shitty public reaction the Draft Steve idea got may well have told him that, unlike Frank Moores, now is definitely not the time.

6.  A deal to avoid a fight:  Privately some people are talking about the prospect of an orchestrated coronation in order to avoid a bloodbath on the convention floor.  Interesting idea but the sort of negotiation that would have to go on to deliver a coronation still leave the chances of a bloodbath – or just a lot of bad blood – even if there is no sign of it in public without luminol and an ALS.

7.  Jerome!:  Considered the heir-apparent to Danny’s throne, Jerome Kennedy seems to be the de facto front-runner even without declaring.  Two things might be interesting to chat about over the holidays:  First, think what would it mean if Jerome! actually did apologise publicly to the doctor he used as a public political punching bag?  Hint:  it is exactly the kind of statesman-like act that people expect of a Premier worthy of the name.  

Second, if not Jerome!, then who? 

8.  Inception:  Pretend for a moment you are a Conservative back-room boy.  Take out your calendar.  Fit in a leadership convention, a provincial budget, a federal election, and up to three by-elections between now and June.  Minimise the overlap. 

Now take out your token and see if it spins irregularly on the table.


- srbp -