05 December 2010

It’s not sexism

It’s just more of Bob Wakeham’s usual bullshit.

Yvonne Jones became leader of the Liberal Party through acclamation, not a bonafide leadership convention. …

Lorraine Michael had a leadership contest with a political nobody, and won her party’s leadership in a proceeding  in which a mere 100 or so delegates cast ballots, not exactly a history-making, barn-burner of a race.

If there are cheers to be hollered from inside the ranks of those who have diligently fought the good fight for women, or if Newfoundlanders wish to pat themselves on the back for an enlightened view of gender equality, then I would suggest the appropriate time, the most meaningful time, would occur when and if women have fought it out tooth and nail in the kind of process that have elevated men to roles of governance.

Meanwhile, Bob makes no observation about how his recently departed hero got his political job.

- srbp -