01 December 2010

The GWS Monthly Traffic

That upward traffic trend that started a couple of months ago continues to surge here at Bond Papers.

The number of visitors in October jumped 10% from September and then another 39% from October to November. Cumulatively, the jump is 53% from September to November. Page views are up by the same percentages.

What people were reading in November is an interesting mixture, to say the least. Just take a gander:

  1. Court docket now online
  2. Introducing Premier Kathy Dunderdale
  3. Williams announces political exit plan
  4. No US market for Lower Churchill power:  NL deputy premier
  5. Kremlinology 20:  Who will replace Danny? and Shatner  - F**k You  [tie]
  6. The Delusion of Competence
  7. Williams on his political future
  8. US and NL taxpayers might help subsidize costly big hydro project and Talking to Canadians [tie]
  9. Thin-skinned or what? A one sentence post about Sarah Palin but evidently people thought it was about someone else.
  10. Introducing Premier Dunderdale:  patronage and the Public Tender Act


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