31 December 2010

The Year-end Traffic Wrap Up 2010

Here are the top Bond Papers posts for 2010 as determined by readers. 

If you clicked these pages and read them specifically, here’s what you helped push to the top of the pile.

  1. Court docket now online! (Do lawyers know how to bookmark stuff?)
  2. Five years of secret talks on Lower Churchill:  the Dunderdale audio (The conventional media ignored it, but people found it anyway)
  3. General and master corporal face charges over relationship (Betcha forgot this one!)
  4. Williams to head Rogers sports empire? (Apparently, he isn’t but lots of people think it’s an interesting idea)
  5. Connie Leadership 2011 (this is the first of the series of updates – you can find a bunch more here)
  6. Conservatives to give back seized hydro assets  (A short session but another December reminder of just how badly the Conservatives shagged the people of Newfoundland and Labrador with this little fiasco)
  7. Williams abrupt departure “shocking”: Dunderdale  (Shocked is one word to describe provincial Conservatives’ reaction.  Sh*t-baked was another)
  8. Williams’ disgraceful Christmas cards (The guy writes his own political obit!)
  9. Bell 206 Crash:  photo interpretation (There are many sides to srbp readers)
  10. The World the Old Man Lives In:  larger picture  (If this one had been on tee shirts and mugs, your humble e-scribbler could have bought a condo in Florida right next to the Old Man’s place.)


- srbp -