11 December 2010

Ho, ho, ho the Traffic. December 6-10

  1. Connie Leadership 2011 (Who’s running.  Who’s not.)
  2. Williams’ disgraceful Christmas card (Tacky idea, badly photoshopped.  That’s right.  The shot was photoshopped!)
  3. Who isn’t running in 2011?
  4. All your incoherence are belong to us
  5. Conservatives to give back seized hydro assets  (Yet more on the disastrous expropriation)
  6. Have yourself a tacky little Christmas  (Danny’s 2009 Christmas stinker)
  7. Tory support drops sharply
  8. The Cable Atlantic solution  (Nalcor offers Internet and phone cable to Labradorians to win support for its plan to double or triple electricity bills by 2017)
  9. The end of history
  10. Another Muskrat Falls sceptic

- srbp -