31 July 2012

A Big Tell on Muskrat Falls Exports #nlpoli

A meeting of the Eastern Canadian premiers and all the New England Governors and the provincial government here sends Keith Hutchings.


The minister in charge of the innovation and business department.

Nice enough fellow, but not exactly a superstar in the cabinet.

But just notice:  the meeting is supposed to be about green energy and transportation.

They didn’t send Kathy Herself.

They didn’t send Jerome.

They didn’t even send someone from the Premier’s Personal Posse of Joan Burke and Susan Sullivan.

They sent Keith.

Nothing tells you that there are no exports from Muskrat Falls into the United States better than that.

Oh yes.

And since they knew this meeting was coming at the same time as the Muskrat Falls announcement, they could have rescheduled the MF thing so Darrell and Kathy could go to Vermont rather than send Keith.