07 July 2012

The Happiness Index #nlpoli

Leave it to labradore to come up with a new way to look at poll results.

He took the results of “satisfaction” questions in polls going back about a decade.  he netted them out, meaning he subtracted the dis-satisfieds from the satisfieds.

What he got is very interesting.

One of the things you notice right away is the two negative periods.  One of them is actually the Conservatives right after the 2003 election.

The second thing is the period before that.  As labradore pointed out, people were satisfied with the way Roger Grimes and his crowd were running things, even as they indicated they’d vote for the Tories in any future election.

The third thing that stands out is the puny numbers the provincial Connies are currently polling.  It’s been free fall since the beginning of the year.

Which would be about the time the Premier started telling people the arse was out of ‘er and that she’d have to start chopping jobs and government spending.  That would be an example of the really, incredibly lousy political management your humble e-scribbler referred to a few times this year.

Cast your eyes leftward from the current lows and you will notice that the general trend in satisfaction has been downward since early 2010.  That coincides with the drop in Conservative support that started in early 2010 before Danny Williams ran for the hills suddenly and – for most people, unexpectedly – before the year was out.

Wonder what might happen if the satisfaction numbers drop in the next polls and the Conservatives still trail the New Democrats?