10 July 2012

Brand Failure #nlpoli

In another great service to Newfoundland and Labrador, the country’s leading shit-disturber has translated poll results by Abacus Data into a nice table.

It shows the results for each province across a range of topics.

This is the results in a survey of Canadians.  There’s no reason to believe that people looking to start a business here or invest in the province would think any differently.

Poorly managed government. 

High income taxes. 

Not the best place to open a business.

You’d be hard pressed to think of a worse set of impressions for people to have.

And lest you think this is some sort of exaggeration, look at the word cloud Abacus Data supplied in the poll report.  When asked to give three words describing the province, these are the ones people volunteered.  The bigger the word, the more often they mentioned it.


There are some nice ones if you are in the tourism business.  But if you are interested in other things, the province is all about fishing, it’s cold, isolated and far.

Far turned up as often as cold fishing and beautiful.




Any of those sorts of words just don’t turn up here at all.

Poor did.

Only slightly less frequently than “remote”.

This poll is a clue that after eight years, the current administration has simply failed to “brand” the province. That failure explains a whole bunch of other things, from the fragile economy to the state of the province’s labour force.