26 July 2012

There’s no greater yada than a yada yada #nlpoli

The Nunatukavut are a group of aboriginal people living in Labrador.  They used to be known as the Labrador Metis.

In October 2003, Danny Williams told them – in writing – that his Conservative administration “will involve the Labrador Metis Nation, as we will representatives of all residents of Labrador, in the process of negotiating a Lower Churchill Development Agreement.”

Almost a decade later, the provincial Conservatives under Williams’ successor Kathy Dunderdale have decided to take a different view:

“They don’t have established land claims in our province,” she said. “We have land claims with the Innu people and we have an agreement in principle with the Innu.”

Dunderdale said she would consult with the group, but as for any new negotiations: “We’re not getting into those kinds of discussions at this point.”