28 June 2009

Manitoba tops for oil/gas investment in Canada

A Fraser Institute survey of 577 senior executives in the oil and gas industry shows Manitoba as the preferred Canadian jurisdiction for oil and gas investment.

The survey ranked 143 jurisdictions across the globe:

Manitoba is No. 21 on the list of 143 regions, while Saskatchewan has fallen from the 10th spot (out of 81 regions represented) in 2008 to 38th in 2009. Meanwhile, Nova Scotia was No. 54, Ontario was 60, Quebec 68, British Columbia 71, Newfoundland and Labrador 82 and Alberta 92.



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D'Arcy Butler said...

While these numbers are interesting fodder, a few things immediately come to mind:

1. Newfoundland/Labrador and Alberta are at the bottom, and along with the rapidly falling Saskatchewan, form the largest portion of oil/gas producing areas in the nation. The fact of the matter is that these reserves are not going anywhere, and at some point the companies are going to operate in these regions, satisfied or not. It's a non-perishable, non-renewable resource feeding an insatiable demand.

2. Governments must recognize that they are there to serve the people, and the electorate must remember that they are the ones actually in charge. While my politics will prevent me from voting for Danny, it is easy to get caught up in the provincial group hug that can happen when a government is riding high on oil royalties. Old Ralphie boy in Alberta knows that all to well, and played the populist card quite well. Were the people to recognize that there are many possibilities in front of them, and how the money gets spent should be up to them, we could see a very different way of business happening. Whether "senior executives in the oil and gas industry" prefer this way should not be of issue.

3. Excepting that, what would then be interesting is to poll the satisfaction rate amongst the populations of these same regions. How do the people feel about the way business operates? Do they feel they are getting a fair deal?