28 June 2009

Not HMV: another journalist gets “The Call”

Add journalist Greg Locke to the list of those who have received The Call from Hisself in which Hisself expresses “disappointment” in what the journalist is up to.

Could be what you wrote. 

Could be that you had the temerity to request a copy through access to information laws of the “purple file” Hisself had worked up on you to get him ready for the interview.

Next thing you know The Voice is on the end of the line:

Calls on your mobile from the richest, most powerful man in the province are not the same as emails at your work. Journalists don’t call him at home to abuse him. Journalism is done in a free media. That’s where the discussion should take place. Anything else is intimidation and it sets a bad public tone.

Have any intrepid reporters recorded any of this stuff? 

You could do a 30 minute weekly series called “Conversations with the Premier”  just on this material alone.

Only different is the title would have a tinge of sarcasm in it.

Maybe not a good idea though.

It’s been done.  Used to be on one TV station locally, with another version on radio.

Now it’s on cable, someone mentioned the other day.

And they changed the name to something about fog.