24 June 2009

The sins of the father…

From yet another public comment on the trivial Danny right/Randy wrong thing:

On its face, this question reminds me of the pushy, unappreciative parent who says, "Fine, you got 90% on the test. What happened to the other 10%?"

A rather curious way of looking at things, even allowing the letter – found at NL Press – started out by referring to Randy Simms comments as an “appalling display of spite.”

Apparently, Randy Simms is the province’s  - or Danny’s  - unappreciative parent.

Let’s leave aside the idea embodied in that comment that the fishery and the 10,000 or more people in it amount to a mere 10% of the overall consideration of the province when a Great Announcement is in play.

Nope.  Political commentary in the province is now down to some bizarre psycho-drama built around a really creepy metaphor.

Incidentally, at no point does the author of those words actually discuss the Great Announcement from last week.  In itself that is further proof that the Premier’s tirade was way off base and that his Fan Club  - now labelled Kool-Aid Kids by Simms - need to get their heads realigned.   [Hint:  even Danny says it isn’t about Danny.]

Anytime you unleash your bladder and drown your own story, you can be pretty much assured it was a better idea to hold it until later.  When you manage to divert attention away from such a great set of announcements  - there were at least four phenomenal pieces of news in one speech – then you really need to suspect you have a problem with verbal incontinence.

And this guy is not alone.  There were columns in the weekend Telegram on the meltdown, two letters to the editor on Tuesday and countless comments on the Internet.

All about the tussle.

Not the Great News.