26 June 2009

Demographics update

From labradore, a series of posts commenting on perceptions of where the province’s population is the greatest.

“Population Observation” I, II, and III.


This pretty little picture is one of the type some people find a wee bit disturbing, apparently.  It’s taken from the third post in the series that looks at the population decline on the Avalon peninsula.

Of rural areas, Labrador has had the “least bad” population decline, losing “only” eight percent of its 1986 population in the ensuing twenty years to 2007. The Northern Peninsula and the South Coast of Newfoundland had by then each lost nearly a third of the population they had in 1986.

The rural off-Avalon island as a whole has lost 23% of its 1986 population up to 2007 — a figure which is very comparable to the population loss in the Avalon Peninsula outside the St. John’s CMA during the same time period, 21%. Or, on other words, the rural Avalon has really done no worse, but no better, demographically speaking, than the rest of rural Newfoundland.