30 June 2009

Still goose-able after all these years

So voice of the cabinet minister reworked its website.

Lots of changes, but the thing looks like a supermarket tabloid on acid.  In the dictionary, next to the word garish, there is now “See VOCM website”.

The one thing that hasn’t changed is the question of the day.  This has become rather notorious in local political and news circles as not merely unscientific but also as a poll which someone connected to the current administration actively gooses as need be.

The way to do it has been explained publicly.  It would be a simple fix if VOCM wanted to stop churning out crap.

No way did it get fixed; the poll is still goose-able to the point of absurdity.

And VOCM still reports the rigged poll results as if they were real, let alone news.

No wonder they get called voice of the cabinet minister.