29 June 2009

Hands up who is surprised.

The new battalion of soldiers promised to Goose Bay by the always-desperate federal Conservatives way back in 2005 does not exist.

The Connies promised it several times after that.

But it does not exist.

It never has existed.

In a recent letter to the provincial government, National Defence Minister Peter Mckay [sic] confirmed that the federal government will not be making any investments into their rapid response battalion or additional troop deployment at Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Goose Bay, says Opposition Leader Yvonne Jones.

The June 3rd letter is written to Intergovernmental Affairs Minister Dave Denine and states, “Goose Bay was never considered as an option for the territorial battalion group” and “…the army currently has no planned investment in Goose Bay”. This is in direct contrast with the 2006 election commitment of Prime Minister Stephen Harper when he stated that a new rapid reaction army battalion of approximately 650 personnel would be established at CFB Goose Bay and that these plans would result in a significant increase in employment in the Goose Bay area.

Hands up anyone out there who is surprised by this?

See there.

That fellow in the back of the room there needs to be reading Bond Papers.

Regular readers had the scoop four years ago and  hopefully  didn’t fall for yet another ludicrous political promise  - unlike some provincial Conservatives - in any of the federal elections since.