14 December 2009

Net borrowings up since 2000


Net borrowing per person is higher now than it was in 2000, according to the province’s audited financial statements.

net borrowing 00-04In Fiscal Year 2000, net borrowings  - accumulated borrowing less money set aside to pay off debt when it comes due (sinking funds) – stood at $10,684 per person in the province.

The number hit $13,074 in 2004 and has stayed in the same neighbourhood ever since.  Part of the reason for that is a drop in population since 2004.  The other reason is the increase in net borrowings since 2000.  Net borrowings increased in the period from $5.8 billion in 2000 to $6.6 billion last year.

net borrowings 04-08




Wm. Murphy said...

Not wanting to be a microphone for the finance dept but I understand that since 2003, the province has decreased per capita net debt from $23,000 to $17,000 for every person in the province.

Where are the fancy bar graphs for that?

Wm. Murphy

Wm. Murphy said...

I stand corrected. This is the amount

The province has reduced net debt from almost $12 billion to less than $8 billion at the end of 2008-09. On a per capita basis this reduced the amount of debt per person from $22,974 to $15,733.

Wm. Murphy

Ed Hollett said...

In the same place those ones came from (and they are linked in the pictures in the post). I am breaking it all down bit by bit so it is a bit more digestible

The net debt, liabilities etc are all coming in a series.

Ed Hollett said...

And on your second comment, this post is net borrowings per capita.

I amd going to show the figures over the 10 years online since they are all readily accessible and are computed on the same basis.

They show some interesting trends or some things which people might be quite surprised to discover.