08 September 2006

Danny is afraid of Steve Harper

You heard it right.

Danny Williams is a wuss.

The great fighter, the fearless scrapper who promised only a few weeks ago to attack relentlessly anyone - anyone - who dared go against the best interests of Newfoundland and Labrador is giving up on the Prime Minister.

And to make it worse he is giving up without a fight.

Not even a harsh word.

Just a few pouty-lipped comments.

From CBC News this September Friday, based on an interview from the St. John's Morning Show:

Williams, who dragged former Liberal prime minister Paul Martin into a public battle over the Atlantic Accord and offshore royalties, said he is not heading for a showdown with Harper.

"The fact that the prime minister is not supporting me on the whole fallow field exercise and legislation, the only explanation I can see is obviously he's a supporter of big oil," Williams said.

"And if he wants to be a big buddy to big oil, that's for him to decide."

There were some other choice comments in the whole interview that are likely to leave more than a few people mystified at the difference between what Danny says at one point and what he says five seconds later.