09 September 2006

Whips and chains and gags? Oh my!

We are far from done with the virals.

Oooooh. No.

Now we come to a spot released on the Internet in January to support a campaign by Friends of the Earth in the United Kingdom. While it has never appeared on television, the spot is hardly very racy by European standards. In North America, we'd likely have a hard time getting this on cable.

Many of you will have seen it already but for those that haven't, it features humour, sex, titillation and the tension from an anticipated conflict. It's the sort of top notch production you expect from an agency like CHI. Incidentally, if you are interested in seeing other samples of their work, check them out at chiadvertising.com.

While this spot plays on sex scandals among British politicians, the spot has an appeal that is universal, at least in the English-speaking world.