10 September 2006


Newly-minted provincial New Democrat leader Lorraine Michael thinks Canadian soldiers should withdraw from Afghanistan.

She joined the overwhelming majority of her Dipper colleagues on the weekend in voting for an unceremonious retreat by Canadians from Afghanistan as soon as the flights can be booked.

Just not on Canjet.

And what of the people of Afghanistan?

Shag the wogs, the Dippers say implicitly.

And what of Canadian interests and values?

We are expressing Canadian Dipper values which always place anti-American tirades above everything else likely comes the reply. I mean God forbid we should do something in the world besides talk about the need for other people to do something.

And when the Taliban come back to power and make it a crime to teach girls and young women anything, including how to read?

or when women are beheaded or shot in a public spectacle for the alleged crime of adultery?

That sound you hear will be the wind whistling through the canyon of Dipper moral posturing.

Some of us remember the old hypocrisy very well as it rears its head once more.

If I had a rocket launcher, indeed.

Bloody Dipocrits.