21 September 2006

Equalization War: NL to lose

National Post is reporting the federal government's proposed answer to the wrangling over Equalization.

The plan would see all provinces receiving extra cash from Uncle Ottawa... except for Danny Williams' Newfoundland and Labrador.

So much for finance minister Loyola Sullivan's giddy optimism that everything is fine on the Equalization front.

The only question that remains is how long will it be before Danny Williams declares a jihad on Steve Harper? A fight seems to be brewing as Harper consistently handles the impetuous - and often petulant - NL premier with a firm hand. While Williams will like whine and moan about being taken advantage of Ottawa, the real reason for Williams' ire will be simply because Williams entire financial plans for the future are built around Newfoundland and Labrador becoming a "self-reliant" province while still receiving massive cash transfers from Ottawa.

Danny Williams talks a good game about "independence" but in reality he is perhaps the one Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador since Confederation who is the most dependent on Ottawa and the most addicted to federal hand-outs.

Atlantic Accord.

Lower Churchill.



Everywhere you go Danny is looking for Ottawa to hand him cash or, in the case of Hebron and Argentia, come in and close a deal The Great Negotiator (trademark pending) couldn't.

It would almost make you wonder if Doug House's big new project is finding a way to fill out federal grant applications more efficiently.