06 September 2006

Ignorance IS Bliss!

Wonder why Andy Wells has a hate on for Heavenly Creatures, a small, inconspicuous group that looks after pets no one wants?

Here's a theory.

He had a chat with Debbie Powers or someone else from the SPCA a while ago.

Without doing much other than check a few stats with the City's animal welfare people, he decided to lace into Heavenly Creatures with the full might of his "research" and the ever-present Andy sharp tongue.

Wells has never needed a reason to go off half-cocked before or sometimes completely cocked -up before but the similarity between his comments and those of SPCA head Debbie Powers a few days ago are just a little too close for comfort.

As a result of this whole thing, a tiny - and almost completely insignificant - little turf and image war some people seem to be waging with a very tiny circle of people in the East End of St. John's has blown up into another "scandal" with Wells at the centre of it.

Wanna check it out? Someone ask Andy when he spoke to Debbie about this matter: specific dates. There's a looney riding on the likelihood Wells spoke to Powers or someone else from SPCA shortly before he went bizarrely ballistic on Heavenly Creatures.

Either than or he just feels that the name draws negative attention to the unheavenly creatures council usually votes in some of its resolutions.

Oh yeah: and Danny thinks Andy Wells has the judgment to be responsible for the province's oil and gas resources.