26 November 2010

Introducing Premier Dunderdale: patronage and the Public Tender Act

The Williams administration had a rough time in 2006. 

On the heels of a massive spending scandal in the House of Assembly, word broke that one of Danny Williams’ patronage appointees had run afoul of the province’s Public Tender Act.

As the minister responsible for the agency where the problem took place, it was up to Kathy Dunderdale to explain it to the legislature and the public.  Kathy had some difficulty getting the full story out the first time.  She eventually told it a few days later but by that time, it was fairly obvious Dunderdale had misled the House.

In order to avoid making a very bad situation even worse, Danny Williams ordered his House leader to shut the House of Assembly earlier than planned.

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Wm. Murphy said...

Two posts about Dunderdale, 12 hours after the annpouncement that she will be the interim Premier...class act Eddie

Care to explain your motives on running a series of Fu%$ ups by Dunderdale?
We all know the womens shortcomings and screw ups but what purpose would you have in trotting out these reminders.How about pettiness and bitterness.

Speaking of fu$% ups....It is interesting to note that you never made a single comment about Beaton Tulk when he was in a similar position.

Your distain for all things Tory is pathetic to say the least. The more you write about things that happened over 4 years ago concerning Dunderdale will only highlight your obvious motives....come to think of it, you should carry on writing the "series"....the more you embarrass yourself the better....pathetic Ed, pathetic.
The woman is a caretaker until the next Premier is chosen for the next 5+ years...give it a break

Simon Lono said...

Running a series of Fu%$ ups by Dunderdale is worth it just for entertainment value!

No sense of humour, Murph?

Wm. Murphy said...

entertainment value????
I thought I was reading the "Best Political Blog in Canada"....
give me a break!
I really hopes that Ed continues this "entertainment" series...the more he writes about this, the more evident how blatant his motives are

WJM said...


When was Beaton Tulk, like Kathy Blunderdale, a pallbearer Premier?

And when did BondPapers start publishing?

Ursula said...

Ah , Murphy let us have a little fun , it's been a long , long time since we've had something to celebrate .

Rex Murphy couldn't contain himself as part of the At Issue crew last night , when he quipped that 111% was likely the approval rating for Williams yesterday ...

Andrew Coyne made no bones about how he felt , with Chantal nodding her approval .Her remark about Premiers and Nationalism struck a cord .

Edward Hollett said...

What are the stages of grief again?

We know you've got anger down to a science, Murph but it looks like you only managed to be knocked off stride for one day of bawling your eyes out.

But let's just revisit, if you will some of Murph's more recent pronouncements on the political future:

"Williams will win the next election and then decide, on his terms, when he wants to leave..from all indications, it will be his decision alone."

"the man will have won his third election by another landslide and sometime during the next four years he will step aside."

Compare that with:

"If Williams is close to any sort of announcement on the Lower Churchill it can only be part of a plan for him to exeunt stage right, tout de suite."

As it was he didn't wait a week after the one announcement to do the other.

I think that's really what pisses you off, Murphy. I actually seem to know your own idol better than you. It's like the unsustainable spending thing. When he and Tom agreed with me it must have left you spitting nickels.

keep passing through the stages of grief. Eventually you'll get to acceptance.