22 April 2011

One big happy Conservative family… maybe #elxn41

Apparently there’s just one big happy Conservative family in central Newfoundland.

The federal Conservatives issued a news release on Wednesday to counteract any story, no matter how well founded,  that there are gigantic problems in Kathy Dunderdale’s campaign to elect more federal Conservatives in Newfoundland and Labrador.

They apparently wanted to answer your humble e-scribbler’s question about Kevin “Fairity” O’Brien, well-know Dan-Club member and – from local scuttlebutt – noticeably absent from the doorsteps of his provincial district of Gander this election.

Even Kathy was sounding like she was abandoning her effort to be the anti-Danny of this federal election.  You will recall Dunderdale’s predecessor vowed to make sure there were no Conservatives elected in 2008.  He delivered by suppressing his own crowd enough to turn over the three Avalon seats to the Liberals and the New Democrats.  Time will tell if Dunderdale’s plan will work but let’s just say for now that things aren’t looking so smurfy for her.

The Conservative release carries the headline “Riding MHAs support Aaron Hynes.”
There is a quote from Fairity right off the top, just to make sure people won’t miss it:
“As a Conservative staffer on Parliament Hill and a candidate in the 2006 Federal Election, Aaron’s influence has made a big difference,” said the Hon Kevin O’Brien, MHA for Gander District. “Aaron’s hard  work has certainly helped in the reinstatement of the Newfoundland and Labrador Weather Office and also funding for Gander International Airport. His efforts as a non-elected person certainly show that he
would make a great Member of Parliament and serve this district and the people of the province well.”
There there are references to cabinet minister Susan Sullivan and Ray Hunter.  The release makes a point of noting these two actively appeared in public on Hynes’ behalf.  Not Fairity, apparently, but that could just be an oversight.

Ray, who is facing a challenge for his own nomination, gave a quote and a bit of campaigning.   Then there’s a list of the other provincial politicians, Tories all who are backing Aaron Hynes.

You can find the release on the Conservative’s facebook space.


So if all these high-powered and high profile provincial Tories are backing their federal cousins so steadfastly, why aren’t their federal cousins leading in any race anywhere in the province?
Even in the one seat where they have a chance – Avalon – the former MP is running second to the guy who beat him in 2008.

That certainly doesn’t bode well for what someone might cheekily call Kathy Dunderdale’s “Nobody but Steve” campaign.

- srbp -