23 April 2011

Easter Traffic 2011 #nlpoli #elxn41

So this Easter with all the politicking going on, will people get a visit from the Dunderbunny instead of the Easter Bunny?

As far as the federal Conservatives seem likely to find, a visit from the Dunderbunny doesn’t net you a stash of lovely votes or even chocolate. There just seems to be a little pile of odd-smelling brown buttons - if there is anything at all – and it’s probably best not to nibble them.

Maybe that’s what we will have to call members of a political leader’s fan club or her caucus?

Sounds like some cartoon comic-bookish all-girl band from Riverdale, though.

Josie and the Pussycats?

Meet Kathy and the Dunderbunnies.


On this second last week of April, the growing number of readers of these humble e-scribblers enjoyed these 10 posts more than others.

Alliteration is apparently quite popular.  You know.  The repetition of an initiation consonant sound, as in A fish called Wanda;  K-K-K-Ken’s c-c-coming to k-k-kill me. late week posts that get into the weekly Top Five are there for some reason.

Maybe it is alliteration.

Maybe it is something else.

Who knows?

In any event, here’s the list:

  1. Buckingham not only local Tory to buck Dunderdale line on Harper
  2. On minority governments
  3. NTV/Telelink poll:  close, closer, no cigar and a referendum on Dunderdale
  4. One big happy Conservative family…maybe
  5. Kathy’s Keystone Kops Konfused on Konservative Kampaign
  6. Seen on the campaign trail
  7. The view from Flower Hill
  8. Risky Business
  9. The unsustainable lightness of Tom Marshall
  10. Recycling a tire recycling story

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