07 April 2011

Invented story: political appointee and CBC attack government’s political opponent

While it isn’t clear if the provincial status of women council started the ruckus but there’s no doubt that political appointee Linda Ross is part of a manufactured attack on opposition leader Yvonne Jones.

CBC’s Here and Now broadcast a portion of a comment by Jones in the House of Assembly last week:

My next question is for the Premier, and I see she is all dressed up in her finest today, Mr. Speaker, to go down to see Stephen Harper this afternoon. Mr. Speaker, I should remind the Premier of the Little Red Riding Hood story… I should remind her of the Little Red Riding Hood story because I would not want the wolf to devour her because there are no woodsmen left to rescue you.

CBC then showed a portion of an interview with Linda Ross, president of the Provincial Advisory Council on the Status of Women PACSW), who criticized Jones for her supposedly sexist comments. 

Kathy Dunderdale was minister responsible for the status of women in 2009.  She issued the news release announcing Ross’ appointment to the provincial government position.

Only problem for both Ross and CBC is that the video clip left out the zinger in Jones’ political jab. The zinger is also the part that changes the tone and context of the remarks.

Dunderdale couldn’t count on any rescue, according to Jones:

…after you closed down all the pulp  and paper mills in Newfoundland and Labrador.

What a difference those extra words make.

Of course, CBC viewers would never know it since the CBC news editors clipped the quote in a rather interesting spot.

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Super-speedy Update:

Ross’ comments come from a letter to the editor in the Thursday Telegram. Ross’ letter selectively quoted the comments from Hansard.  CBC just followed her lead. That doesn’t relieve CBC editors of their responsibility for accuracy but it does identify clearly who torqued the story first.

And from the comments you’ll regret later department comes this bit from Dunderdale’s news release announcing Ross’ appointment:

I look forward to working with the president and board over the next three years.