01 April 2011

March Traffic Madness 2011

Well a month after tightening up comments and eliminating the anonymous types, the traffic went up. 

It still running about 50% higher than September.

Take that, Bembridge scholars!

And what specific posts did these insightful people read?

  1. HMV
  2. Patronage, pure and simple
  3. Matthews bails on board position
  4. Operation Ridiculous
  5. Cleary to unquit for NDP again?
  6. Good Tory?  End of story.
  7. Head-scratching and nose-pulling over latest twist in Matthews appointment debacle
  8. Taking power without an election
  9. Dunderdale boosts Tory support from last Williams poll
  10. No Equalization offsets for Quebec.

- srbp -