16 April 2011

The Weekly Traffic

No one will miss the very fitting result of this week’s edition of your weekly traffic survey.

Frankly your humble e-scribbler was a wee bit surprised that an old post about measuring the effectiveness of your public relations program could garner so much attention.

But there it is.

Take note that two of the big stories this week discuss cheaper alternatives to the Muskrat Falls proposal and another one discusses the government’s overall plan to pay for Muskrat falls by boosting electricity rates in the province.

Maybe people are starting to catch on that this Muskrat Falls project is a money loser for the people of the province.

One other little tidbit to draw to your attention:  Friday’s post on Kathy Dunderdale possibly knowing about the JSS contract in advance (but staying silent) went up on Friday and got to Number Four for the week.

That tells you one thing and that isn;t good news for the Premier.  Friday’s usually a pretty dead day. If a Friday post goes into the Top 10, you know you have something people are very interested in reading.  That story might well carry over into next week.  Evidently this is a story that is too important to disappear in a cloud of foolishness about sexist attacks.

As for the traffic volume here at Bond Papers, it’s up again this week.

Take that for what it’s worth.

  1. Mine is bigger than yours:  measuring the impact of public relations
  2. Kremlinology 35:  Premier shows strain
  3. Former hydro director points to another alternative to costly Muskrat Falls scheme
  4. Did Kathy know about the JSS withdrawal in advance?
  5. Invented story:  political appointee attacks government’s political opponent
  6. Province settles expropriation with Enel, Sun Life and others
  7. Making the people pay more for electricity
  8. Fukushima kinda meltdown:  Collins cancer contract contradictions crumble credibility
  9. Another cheaper, greener alternative to Muskrat Falls
  10. Missouri lawyer adds to Collins cancer contract contradictions

- srbp -