22 April 2011

The Speaker is neutral…supposedly #elxn41

Another name leaped out from the Conservative’s news release on family unity in central Newfoundland this federal election time.

Roger Fitzgerald.

Spotted at a Conservative nomination for his old friend Loyola Sullivan.

Challenged on the absolute requirement for neutrality given his job as Speaker of the provincial legislature, the old Conservative warhorse snorted something about just being there to support an old friend and stomped off.

Maybe if they had a piano he could have claimed he could have channelled another nose-puller and claimed he was just there to play that. 


The release – available at the Connies’ Facebook space – proclaims:

Bonavista South MHA Roger Fitzgerald, the only other MHA in the
federal riding in which Hynes is running, is obliged to remain neutral
due to his role as Speaker of the House of Assembly.

Pointing that out so conspicuously is a bit conspicuous, isn’t it?

After all, no one familiar with Fitzgerald’s abysmal performance in the House would believe for a second he has neutral and unbiased in his job ever.

And anyone who turned up the first weekend of April at Premier Kathy Dunderdale’s coronation of April as leader of the provincial Conservatives would believe it either.

There was Fitzgerald, large as life, hob-nobbing with his fellow provincial Conservatives in an entirely partisan setting, celebrating his new boss’ new job.

Roger Fitzgerald neutral and unbiased?

Pull the other one.

It’s got bells on it.

- srbp -