30 June 2009

Still goose-able after all these years

So voice of the cabinet minister reworked its website.

Lots of changes, but the thing looks like a supermarket tabloid on acid.  In the dictionary, next to the word garish, there is now “See VOCM website”.

The one thing that hasn’t changed is the question of the day.  This has become rather notorious in local political and news circles as not merely unscientific but also as a poll which someone connected to the current administration actively gooses as need be.

The way to do it has been explained publicly.  It would be a simple fix if VOCM wanted to stop churning out crap.

No way did it get fixed; the poll is still goose-able to the point of absurdity.

And VOCM still reports the rigged poll results as if they were real, let alone news.

No wonder they get called voice of the cabinet minister.



Anonymous said...

Hi Ed, Just a thought, does VOCM's lack of attention to the regular QotD goosing and subsequent reporting of the results somehow violated the CBSC Codes of ethics, RTNDA Code, etc? Seems to me it's a clear violation of several clauses. Perhaps a formal complaint should be launched?

Edward G. Hollett said...

Maybe it is.

To my reading, the code is sufficiently broad that an argument can be made that they are compliant with every requirement and that there is nothing to bar them from doing what they are doing.

Part of the reason for continually pointing out the pretty obvious problems with the "poll" and the way it is handled is to see if VOCM will change voluntarily, without a complaint being made.

Anonymous said...

The fact that VO reports the results from the online Qotd as news has blown my mind for a long time.

Online opt in polls should be viewed as novelty or "fun fact" kind of thing in the best of circumstances.

The fact that it can be scammed easily is a whole other issue:

Might be fun the next time something real stupid comes up to round up some folks and work for a wacky result just for kicks.


Edward G. Hollett said...

To my mind, the truly amazing thing is that someone with political ties is obviously and fairly regularly dumping huge numbers of automated votes into the thing.

This has been so well documented now as to be beyond question.

The thing that has always amazed me is: why bother?

No one should take it seriously and anyone who does is a fool, at best.

it's like the whole business of poll goosing, call-show stacking and all the rest of it.

During an election campaign it is understandable, but when you start considering the resources it eats up to engage in constant campaigning you wonder if people couldn't do something more productive with their time.

That's another aspect of the recent Danny attack on Randy. Did Danny need to call the show to spread the good word about Hibernia South?

Didn't he have something better he could have been doing than taking five minutes to spew based on something he didn't even hear himself?

And what about all these other calls he makes to express "disappointment"?

DW once estimated he spent half his time dealing with "counter-spinning negativity". I didn't doubt the number. I just wondered why he was so obsessed with marginalia.

Surely there is a better use of such valuable time than dealing with every little thing going on.