25 May 2011

What am I supporting today? asks Abbass

Happy Valley-Goose Bay mayor Leo Abbass thinks it is just smurfy that his provincial Conservative friends won’t be spending money on a new prison in central Newfoundland.

According to voice of the cabinet minister:

Happy Valley-Goose Bay's Leo Abbass … is in favour of using the money for programs, services and housing, rather than for building another prison.

Abbass’ commitment to social programs would explain why he supported the federal Conservatives in the recent federal election and their agenda of building more prisons.

- srbp -


Brian said...

What a twitwit that Abbass is, an embarrassment to all and sundry.
Then again; they say you get the politicians you deserve.

Dave Adey said...

Abbass loves grabbing after carrots the government dangles in front of him.

Brian said...

just thinking out load here; is Abbass contemplating a run at provincial politics?

From memory he is emulating the wind sock mumbo jumbo of the Pavement Putin of the Permafrost in his lead up to running for a provincial seat.