31 May 2011

Monday? Back to “No!”

Kathy Dunderdale told reporters on Monday that she was clear in her answers before.

That explains why she was back again for a third day trying to find her position on cash for jock straps.

To recap, the provincial sports minister said on the first day he was open to considering a proposal.  day Two, Kath had him unequivocally reject it.

Kath then said she and her minister had only looked at a preliminary proposal with no details and so they rejected it.  If, however, the jock straps would send along more paperwork, she’d have another look at it. 

In case you’ve lost sight of the government’s position in there it has been yes, no, and yes, and each of them equally firm, final and unequivocal.

So there you have it.

Well, that’s the end of it until something else happens and Kathy changes her mind yet again.

Let’s not forget, by the way, that this is the same Kathy Dunderdale who had some difficulty telling people what happened back in 2006 with Joan Cleary and the public tender act violations.  Dunderdale claimed the Act wasn’t involved when – as she later admitted – it was.

And, if you think this story is over, just note that in his Tuesday afternoon scrum on the whole project, Danny Williams did two things worth noting.

First, he admitted he is behind this project, putting his own money into the venture. A couple of days ago he was holding himself out as just a facilitator.

Second, Williams notes that he’s the guy who got Kathy her job. That’s a none-too-subtle hint.  Someone said once Danny Williams will be enemies with everyone at some point.  Looks like it Kathy’s turn.

- srbp -