07 May 2011

Election Week Traffic, May 2011

Big week with lots of fascinating political developments, not the least of which was finding out that Al-Qaeda would admit what the Canadian deputy New Democratic Party leader Thomas Mulcair could not:  Osama was dead.

They didn’t need pictures.

Tom wanted proof.

Parliament Hill will be a fun place this year.

Meanwhile, Bond Papers readers found these posts the most interesting ones of the week:

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  2. Anyone seen John Hickey?
  3. How do they elect these candidates?
  4. This is just the beginning
  5. Shocker:  local candidate not important
  6. Election 2011 Witticisms
  7. The Dunderdale Referendum, encore
  8. The Dunderdale Referendum Election
  9. Jack knows jack
  10. St. John’s South-Mount Pearl:  some first observations

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