31 May 2011

If this is Friday, it must be yes…

Or is it no?

First, they were going to give Danny his cash for his hockey team.

Then 24 hours later they decided  - emphatically and unequivocally – that the new answer was “no” because the government did not fund that sort of thing.

But now with Danny nipping at their heels and few of his loyal toadies croaking away, Kathy Dunderdale is now telling Danny that if he submits another request they’ll have another look at the idea and maybe give the multi-millionaire and his buddies a few hundred thousands taxpayer dollars every year to help them rent some jock straps or something.

Perhaps Kathy was persuaded to shift her position – yet again - by Danny’s earnest reminder of how much money had had given to this and that and the benefits he’d delivered to the other:

"...I've given my heart and soul to the city and the province," said Williams. "I've given to the PC party, to my colleagues in the cabinet and the caucus, including Kathy Dunderdale but this will not affect my zeal or drive to do things for this province."

All principle converts to cash, indeed.

- srbp -