25 May 2011

In which Dunderdale blunders… again

Premier Kathy Dunderdale – the one who likes to accuse opposition leader Yvonne Jones of not knowing what she is talking about  - does a good job of setting the record straight.


Seems that when she referred to the Menihek power station in Labrador as something that was owned by Quebec and bought by Nalcor for a dollar?

Not exactly.

Seems the plant was owned by a company operated in Labrador, namely Iron Ore Company of Canada. 

And as labradore notes, the real issue here – aside from further evidence of the Premier’s fundamental incompetence – is why Kathy Dunderdale and her colleagues kept the deal secret for five years or more.

When was she planning to tell the people of Newfoundland and Labrador about it?

- srbp -