28 May 2011

Traffic by the numbers for May 23 to 27, 2011

Danny Williams says that the provincial government would see a $10 million return on its $500,000 subsidy…that is, if they spent.

If they could make $10 million by spending a half million, it would be a no brainer.

But they won’t.

Heck, if the numbers looked like that, multi-millionaire Williams would be spending his pocket change and fighting to keep others out of it.

So logically we know Danny’s claim is a massive pile of shite.

Even if the Angry Old Man’s numbers don’t add up, folks – and they never, ever do - you can bet these are the top 10 stories at Bond Papers for last week:

  1. Meet your newest frankenparty:  the Bloc NDP
  2. What am I supporting today?  asks Abbass
  3. In which Dunderdale blunders…again
  4. Dunderdale using rigged deck against public on Muskrat Falls
  5. Tit rejects suck:  no taxpayer cash for hockey franchise after all
  6. Dundernomics 101:  how to lose money
  7. A tourist in her own land
  8. Show us the tit and we’ll such:  AHL franchise edition
  9. Dunderdale and her desperation
  10. Dunderdale in action:  one Homer moment after another

- srbp -