01 May 2011

April Showers Traffic for 2011

A fascinating month of April for traffic at ye olde e-scribbler’s corner of cyberspace shows a wind range of stories.

There’s the surprise first place honours for a post about rather sleazy piece of editing in order to fabricate a political attack.  One media outlet got suckered into using it.

Not surprisingly, most of the posts in the Top 10 in April are about Muskrat Falls and the possible implications of the federal election on Kathy Dunderdale’s leadership.

The really amazing thing is that a post on the last day of the month hit Number 10.

If you think this is all curious stuff, though wait until next month.  There’s a federal election on Monday and then the provincial government has to struggle through three more weeks of the provincial legislature (plus its a polling period) before they can head off to the summer campaign runs.

2011 will be an amazing political year across Canada.

  1. Invented story:  political appointee and CBC attack government political opponent
  2. A new Sprung greenhouse in the wilds of Labrador
  3. Average NL family to pay $1000 per year more for Muskrat Falls power:  former PC finance minister
  4. Another cheaper, greener alternative to Muskrat Falls
  5. Buckingham not only local Tory to buck Dunderdale line on Harper
  6. NTV/Telelink poll:  close, closer, no cigar and a referendum on Dunderdale
  7. Conservative householder a multilevel bust
  8. Dipper sleazeball tactics refuted
  9. One big happy Conservative family... maybe
  10. A little perspective, people

- srbp -