28 May 2011

Tiny Tories love their leader: Danny Williams

He bailed in an unseemly haste before Christmas last year but the province’s young Conservatives are still wildly in love with the Old Man.


Yes, it is a hideous picture, hideously stretched but if you look hard enough you can see that the banner of the Young Progressive Conservatives’ website features Hisself right there in the centre.

Centre of their picture.

Centre of their universe.

The front page includes this line:

Newfoundland and Labrador under the leadership of Danny Williams has seen great benefits but this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Each member of the provincial Tiny Tory executive gets a page to himself or herself.  Part of the template is a section on why they support the PC Party and Danny Williams.


They all have their reasons. 

These days past president Chantalle Hull works in Premier Kathy Dunderdale’s office as a receptionist but on the YPC website here’s what she thinks:

I not only support Danny Williams because he is leader of the PC Party, but also because I believe that he has the interests of the people of Newfoundland and Labrador at heart.

Not everyone is as certain.

One director at large exists only as a picture. 

Everything else is blank.


Now to be fair to the young Conservatives this site was laid out in 2009 and evidently hasn’t been updated since.

But still.

After last fall and a massive party make-over, you’d think all these young enthusiasts for Dannyism would be able to spare a couple of minutes from their non-stop tweeting to pull their website up to date.

You’d think they’d be super anxious to get behind the Dunderdale2011 Party as the key to securing their current paycheques even if they cannot summon up the same lemming-like yearning for Danny’s successor that they once had for the Old Man’s derriere.

Maybe they’ve just been too busy.

Let’s hope that’s it because if Kath got any sense that her young Dunderbunnies weren’t full of Dunder-love there’s no telling what she might do.

After all, look at how she treats Danny these days.

- srbp -