06 July 2008

And the Oracle spake onto them, saying...

Yea, verily, the disciple Paul traveleth  far and wide even unto the heathen countries preaching the gospel and findeth that there is great interest in setting up new businesses in the Happy Land.

Especially, sayeth Paul, in the less urban areas:  "all of this will benefit rural areas of the province."

Thus spaketh the Great Oracle of the Valley, otherwise known as the voice of the cabinet minister.

Not much outward and visible sign of any of this actually happening via this particular ministry, though.

That despite all the traveling and preaching not just by Paul but a previous disciple or two, and this just from the stuff released publicly. (By the by, count the number of speaking engagement advisories versus actual news.)

There was even a trip to Qatar and Japan that was so productive in making the unbelievers aware of the gospel that it required a news release once the 10 day excursion was over and second trip over a year later to introduce the province to the people who had been introduced to it before. (yes, that second one is still headed with something about volleyball camps.)

Of course, all of this has been chronicled in the Book of Raymond (Authorized Version):

It must be admitted that the local press hasn't done much than dutifully set their tape recorders going whenever Smallwood steps off the place and send the results over the airwaves or commit it to black and white as it rolls off the assembly line...

People who flung their arms to the skies, made little groans of ecstasy, dropped their drawers or otherwise went cracked in celebration...will probably go through the whole drill at the latest pronouncement his week.

They've been through a dozen or more of these announcements...[b]ut they're always on tap to go into the raptures ...

Even the outward and visible signs are hard to keep track of, let alone the esoteric details.  Quick, for the grand prize of a second-hand pair of panty hose, how many times have the wrangling gang and that "battery of lawyers" been across the Atlantic for the signing of final papers...

Perhaps, in future, we should just write this stuff up as Book of Raymond, page so and so.

It all seems so very familiar.