13 July 2008

The Sunday Funnies

Do a google search and sometimes weird things pop up.

For example, some poor sod from somewhere near Quetta looking for commentary on school reform in Pakistan would up finding a Bond Papers post.

In this case, your humble e-scribbler was searching the archives for something else and came across a quote from Andy Wells.  This was from back in the time when the head of the public utilities board - a provincial regulatory agency - was in another job as mayor of the Great City.  His buddy Dan was trying to stuff into a job at another regulatory agency.

But here's part of what Andy said at the time:

...The problem I've got with it is not particular to the board (C-NLOPB), it's with all regulatory agencies, it's that the regulators become the regulated. And I'm not saying they're wining and dining and handing out cheques to people, just, psychologically, the regulators become too close to the people under regulation....

Make of it what you will.