15 July 2008

More important than people likely knew

A signals intelligence gathering site at Gander is hardly something you'd expect to turn up in a news story, but turn up it did this week on CBC.

gander_frd10__gndview_1970The site is a large antenna array used to intercept radio signals.  It's still operational - which makes the news story so strange - and you can find plenty about it on the Internet, including this blurb from the Town of Gander website:

Known locally as the "Turkey Farm", an advanced communications installation at Gander is one of the three most secure military listening posts protecting the North American continent.

Not any more.

And if you want pictures, they can be found easily enough.  

Like the one above, from the 1970s.

turkey farmEven without that sort of hunting around, you could figure out pretty quickly where the site was, using google maps, left.




Intelligence gathering was never so easy.