11 July 2008

Telling it like it is

Some choice Indy quotes:

"We've been free to investigate and explore all things Newfoundland and Labrador, free from the responsibilities that come with being the daily newspaper of record.  Our ambition is to remain a weekly." (from the editor-in-chief's column)

"The Independent did not request the expenses for PC MHA Trevor Taylor due to budgetary constraints."  (from a front page story on expense claims by provincial fisheries ministers between 1995 and 2008).

Investigate and explore, but only the bits we can afford.  S'pose the job of telling the whole story will have to fall to the daily newspaper of record using its evilly-deep, evilly-Quebec-based evil pockets.

For those who don't know, Taylor was fisheries minister from October 2003 to November 2005.  He is currently the minister of innovation, trade and rural development and the acting fisheries minister

Interesting editorial decision.

Of the others who the Indy did spend money on, Yvonne Jones was fisheries minister for eight months and Gerry Reid served as fisheries minister from February 2001 to February 2003. 


Some other choice quotes:

"The Independent is on the block, if you haven't heard and care to know." (from the editor-in-chief's column)

"[Peter] Cashin's son Michael is scheduled to return home this month from New York City, where he lives. I plan to ask for the editing job. [on the second volume of his father's memoirs]" (from the editor-in-chief's other column)