11 October 2011

A house divided #nlpoli #nlvotes

In the west end of St. John’s, one house shows the drama of the struggle between the forces of Blue and the forces of Orange for control of Capital City.


The first candidate who came to the door canvassing for votes turned out to be Paul Boundridge.

You won the lottery, or words to that effect greeted him as the woman of the house flung open the door.

She explained that – despite the fact it was the Thursday before polling day - he’d been the first of the three candidates to knock on her door.  So he was getting her vote.

Job done?

Not quite.

The subject of a sign for the front lawn popped up from one or the other.

The neighbourhood is bare of signs, incidentally.

Da byes in orange had one in the car so their newest supporter was happy to have them put it up, pdq.

For good measure, she called her husband, a Big Friggin’ Tory, to tell him the news. 

She wanted to make sure he didn’t come home, fly into a rage, and toss the sign on the neighbour’s lawn.

Or worse.

So he called John Dinn’s headquarters and had them race over to stick one of their signs next to the other one.

And on the Monday before the official voting day, there stood the two signs as you see them in the picture. 

How will the election turn out?

Well, so far the election is exactly what everyone didn’t expect. 

One of the three leaders people assumed would be running this time last year is long gone.  The other gave up the leader job, although she could have it back in a day or two if her replacement doesn’t win his seat.

There all sorts of seats projections out there.

We’ll all know the details by tonight.  Remember all the projections though and see which ones, if any came close to being right. 

And as a last note, for those of you with Rogers, tune into Out of the Fog for the election coverage.  You can catch your humble e-scribbler doing something other than scribbling.

- srbp -