08 October 2011

Pre-Thanksgiving Traffic #nlpoli #nlvotes

T’was the week before voting and all through the province everyone was looking forward to a feed of turkey on the weekend.

And before they headed off for the feed, they took the time during the week to read these posts, making them the 10 most-read posts at ye olde e-scribbles:

  1. Telelink releases campaigns only independent poll  (As it turned out, Environics released one later in the week)
  2. Muskrat Falls support plummets:  poll
  3. What if they gave an election and nobody came?
  4. Environics releases second indy poll of the campaign
  5. The Imaginary Centre of an Imaginary Universe
  6. The Revolutionary Years
  7. The Placeholder Election Revisited
  8. Do debates matter?  Part Deux and The Mug’s Game
  9. CBC torques poll coverage
  10. Political Advertising

- srbp -