06 October 2011

The Placeholder Election Revisited #nlpoli #nlvotes

Kathy Dunderdale told reporters on Wednesday she plans to seek re-election in 2015.

Interesting that Dunderdale felt the need to volunteer that thought.  It must be an issue people are raising.  Otherwise, there’d be no real reason to bring it up.

Of course, Brian Tobin insisted in 1999 he’d serve out a full term even though a great many people knew he had ambitions in Ottawa when and if Jean Chretien packed it in.

Danny Williams was going to run for a third term at one point as well.

If all goes as it seems right now, Kathy Dunderdale will become not just the first woman elected premier in this province but the oldest person ever elected to the office since Confederation.


Full stop.

If she actually hangs on for another seven years and leaves in 2018 (right before the Muskrat Falls bills hit your mailbox) she will be the second oldest person to leave the job since Confederation.  She’ll be about 67 years old.

Dunderdale would have to go for another term in 2019 to beat Joe Smallwood who left his fingernail marks on the office door in 1972 when people finally managed to drag him out kicking and screaming.

Odd she raised the issue of two terms.

Odd indeed.

And as for her statement about sticking around, let’s take that one with a grain of salt as well.

After all, some people believed Danny would be running this time around, didn’t they?

Kathy will be gone before 2015.

Lorraine Michael will be gone.

And first out the door will be Kevin Aylward.

All three current party leaders won’t be in their current jobs in 2015.

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