06 October 2011

Political Advertising #nlvotes #nlpoli

In the first of a two parter, John Sides (via The Monkey Cage) tosses out some observations on the impact of election advertising.

This is relevant to the current general election. 

Consider, for example, his first point that the value of advertising depends on whether one is the incumbent or the challenger;

When voters do not know much about candidates, their opinions will be weak or even nonexistent.  Advertisements supporting or opposing unfamiliar candidates have the potential to be persuasive.

Notice the very low level of advertising of any kind in this election.  Since the two opposition parties are less well known than the incumbents, it doesn’t make much sense that they aren’t trying to make themselves known to voters through a variety of means, including election advertising.

Some individual campaigns – like John Noseworthy in Signal Hill Quidi Vidi – are doing some radio spots.  Overall, though, the amount of advertising done by the parties themselves seems to be almost non-existent.

Maybe the perception isn’t real.  Maybe your humble e-scribbler is missing something.  Maybe there is a ton and a half of advertising.

Anyone have any specific observations on the current campaign?

- srbp -